Missouri Hooters Bans Bikini Car Washes, Throws Bikini Contest Instead! [PHOTOS]

Just last week we brought you the shocking & maddening news that Hooters corporate stooges, in an obvious attempt to run the “breastaurant” into the ground, had banned our good friends in Southwest Missouri from holding their traditional summer bikini car washes. They spouted off some crap about changing the culture of the always super-classy chain.

So if that was annoying enough, corporate then decides to rub this decision in our face by throwing a bikini contest. Excuse me? What happened to changing the culture and all other BS? Is a bikini contest more family-friendly than a bikini car wash? At least at a bikini car wash I get something in return for checking out a bunch of college girls strutting around in their bikinis.

I do not think we can let this hypocrisy stand! We need to make our voices be heard. We need to DEMAND the return of the bikini car wash! Get on Twitter. Flood Facebook. Hell, let’s try to get Dickie V on board with us.  Busted Coverage has already tried to reach out to Hooters with our ideas on making the franchise the best little wing joint in the world, but now we’re going on the offensive. We have declared war!

And as always, you can find the entire set of pics on lone photowolf’s world famous Flickr page.

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