Gronk Picks Black Chick Over Asian On “The Choice” [VIDEO]


Of course you missed “The Choice” last night on Fox because it’s 4th of July week and you were slamming beers poolside. Here’s what you missed: two no-name guys, Rob Kardashian and Gronk played a game based off “The Voice” where the bros had to weed their way through chicks until they found one to go out with on a “dream date.” Of course Gronk went with the black chick.

Advice to Asians out there trying to weasel into the pants of Team Jizz Blaster – step up your game.

The truth is, Gronk was in a tough position. He built a team that consisted of some broad who wouldn’t shut up, the Asian and the black chick. Of course he sent the yappy chick packing. That left him either offending black people or Asians.

Oh, and there was a virgin on the show.


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