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You Guys See The Implants Behind Austin Jackson Last Night In Detroit? [PHOTOS]

Reader email from Ken in Coon Rapids, Minnesota: “You guys see the dumb Tigers broad flopping out her implants during 5th inn. of last night’s game? Kid Rock’s sister.” Yep, went straight to our MLB TV account and there she was. Kid Rock’s sister flopping out her boobs, but it sure looks like a bikini under that half-shirt to us.

Looks like a Detroit entry to have a breast-off against Milwaukee’s Front Row Amy. The hair on Kid Rock’s sister looks a little sketchy, but it’s nothing that a paper bag can’t take care of. The chest looks fine. The tan seems legitimate. And the breasts scream “I’m down for just about anything.”

Do you know Kid Rock’s sister? Send us Facebook & Twitter pics. Game on, Front Row Amy!



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