Stevie Johnson Is Newest Athlete Turned Rapper; Dubs Himself “Stevie Barbarian” [VIDEO]


Stevie Johnson has garnered quite the reputation in his young NFL career. He is a goofball who is known not only for his abilities at WR, but also for his outlandish TD celebrations. Stevie is taking his talents to a whole different forum…the rap world. He dropped a new track called “Run It Back” with help from rapper The Game and, dare I say, Stevie holds his own!

Usually when athletes try breaking into hip-hop, their first real efforts come off as a complete joke. Stevie has some legitimacy here, getting fellow west-coaster The Game on board. Other than the fact Stevie is using his iPhone the entire time to read his lyrics, the video isn’t that bad! Is this my opinion just because I’m a Bills fan? Maybe, but give the guy some credit for this attempt. Plus his rap name, “Stevie Barbarian” is pretty badass.

Posted: July 2, 2012

Premise of Video: Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson takes a shot at the hip-hop game. With the help of rapper The Game, Stevie actually isn’t terrible.

Climax of Video: The fact that Stevie is reading all of the lyrics right off of his iPhone.

Conclusion: Stevie, although you aren’t the worst athlete we’ve seen attempting to rap, stick to your day job bro.

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