10 Best Hilljack Twitter Reactions To Oklahoma WR Kenny Stills In Drag

Oklahoma WR Kenny Stills showed Sooner fans a shot of himself in a whole new light. A photo surfaced online of Stills in a purple dress, and the forums at 247Sports.com were all over him. The revealing ensemble is only enhanced by the WR’s suspect pose. Can’t say this will scare off opponents come Fall.

We were scouring the internet for reasons as to why something like this would ever end up online. While neither Stills nor his teammates were mentioning it on Twitter, a comment on a forum has revealed a potential explanation for this…feminine…photo shoot. 247Sports.com user SPolarbear72 commented:

It was done as a joke. One of our DB Gabe Lynn got married this weekend and they posted that saying they had another bridesmaid. I think it was supposed to be an inside joke that wasn’t supposed to get out.

We’ve seen this recently with former Ohio State star Jared Sullinger, and it was as weird/shocking then as it is now. Stills is coming off of back-to-back 61 catch seasons, amassing 1,635 yards and 13 touchdowns. As an OU fan you would hope the buzz on one of your top players going into his junior season would be about his potential to breakout not his potential to come out…of the closet. Naturally, the Twitter world reacted and we pulled some of the best ones. Check them out below.