Gronk Celebrates 4th: Autographs Chick’s Beer Bong & Cops Get Called

As if we expected anything less of Gronk. He brought Team Jizz Blaster back to his hometown of Buffalo and hit up Mickey Rats, a local beach bar. Mickey Rats is notorious for getting pretty raucous during the summer and when Gronk shows up things get taken to the next level. He was spraying whipped cream on himself. Signing beer-bongs. Talking about singing titties. Police raid.

While Gronk signing a funnel is hardly newsworthy, it’s his comment that followed which really stands out. @kknoell12 tweeted:

Where are the twitpics of the Gronk signed titties? The funnel isn’t bad, but we want to see Team Jizz Blaster’s leader leaving his mark on some titties!

The partying continued for quite some time at Mickey Rats, with @NappyPav tweeting:

Can’t say this comes as a surprise to us. Team Jizz Blaster lives for days like the 4th of July. Another excuse for them to spray whipped cream all over each other in Zubaz.  Doesn’t appear to be too much tail around Team JB either. What’s up with that Gronk? Three hours after the photo above was posted, @NappyPav gave another update on the scene at Mickey Rats:

Did Gronk have anything to do with this police raid? Was Team Jizz Blaster getting out of control at Mickey Rats? If any BC correspondents were there, fill us in. We want some more pics. Some details. Fill us in on just what was happening on the wild shores of Lake Erie.