Bigger Shock: Melissa Satta In Bikini Or BF Kevin-Price Boateng In Pirates Hat?


Kudos to the Pittsburgh Pirates this morning. Your hat was being worn by Euro soccer stud Kevin-Prince Boateng yesterday in Sardinia while he was on holiday with the World’s Hottest Soccer WAG, Melissa Satta. Sure, more guys figure the story here is Satta’s ass in this bikini. Wrong. How the hell does Boateng, a German, end up wearing a Pirates hat.

Does he realize the Bucs have a 1 game N.L. Central lead this late in the season for the first time since 1997? Who is showing Pirates highlights in Sardinia. How is Boateng even keeping up with the Bucs?

Do you know the connection between Kevin-Prince and the Pirates? Of course we want to know. This is just so damn random it’s driving me nuts.

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