NY Giants Owner Steve Tisch’s Super Bowl Ring Fits Nicely On Wiener At 4th Party

Best 4th of July photo we could find this evening? Has to be from the Steve Tisch 4th of July party. He’s part of the NY Giants ownership group, the side you rarely hear about because the Mara’s are the other half. Anyway, according to Giants punter Steve Weatherford, Tisch got a little crazy this afternoon and tested the size of the wieners he was serving. 

According to Weatherford:

Is this Kosher? That’s @thestevetisch ‘s ring. #sBXLVI

How exactly does a wealthy dude just decide to see if his SB ring fits on a Nathan’s meat missile? Alcohol, perhaps. Of course we’ll be efforting more Tisch party photos. Maybe a ‘Steve Tisch SB ring buried in cleavage’ photo exists. Wouldn’t be an Internet first.

Were you at the Steve Tisch 4th party? Have more pics of Tisch’s Super Bowl ring debauchery?


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