Kickboxer Rustemi Kreshnik’s Nose Vs. His Opponent’s Knee [VIDEO]

Nope, never heard of kickboxer Rustemi Kreshnik or the It’s Showtime kickboxing league because at this point who can possibly keep track of all the fighting leagues around the world. It’s impossible. However, we can totally wrap our brains around what happened to Kreshnik’s nose during Saturday’s fights in Brussels.

Yep, his nose loses a battle with its opponents knee.

Posted: June 30, 2012

Premise of Video: Heavyweight Mourad Bouzidi came into this fight against Kreshnik on a 5-fight losing streak. He hadn’t won a kickboxing fight since 2010. How does a guy, who desperately needs a win, get off the schnide? Drop a massive knee into your opponent’s nose.

Climax of Video: Don’t blink. The knee comes seconds into the fight.

Conclusion: Hands down, nose injury of the year. Is there even a competition in 2012? Get this guy an ESPY.

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