Jimmy Clausen Dating Volleyballer Jess Gysin? There Is Hope For You Tools [PHOTOS]

We’ve been unofficially watching Panthers backup QB Jimmy Clausen on Twitter chase beach volleyballer Jess Gysin for months. Gysin, the face of the Jose Cuervo Beach Volleyball tour, was a 2008 Busted Coverage  “America’s Hottest College Athlete” nominee, rocketing her into Internet stardom. Clausen, using his Southern California charm, has been working hard since just after the NFL season ended.

New Internet sensation couple? Looks that way.

At first we just assumed Clausen’s skirt chasing would be a futile attempt, via Twitter, of getting in a hot chick’s pants. then BC researchers started nosing around and put two & two together. At some point this became more than just stupid tweets between B-list athletes.

You can come to your own conclusions. When an NFL QB, albeit one who’ll never start again in the league without a starter going down to injury, has his hand on the inner thigh, he’s getting laid.

Kudos to Clausen. The guy put the work in on Twitter and it paid off. Sure, he’s a tool, but in the end he is flying around the country with the hottest volleyball chick in the United States. That’s the sign of a guy who’s #Blessed.

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Florida: May 25

Florida: May 26

Charlotte: June 9

Charlotte: June 11

Los Angeles, July 3

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