Busted Coverage’s 4th Of July Tradition: Olivia Munn Eating A Hot Dog [VIDEO]

I started Busted Coverage in December 2007 and by July 4th 2008 there was a tradition on this blog. It was at that point when Olivia Munn inhaling a hot dog on G4’s Attack of the Show became a 4th staple on BC. It just signified everything good with the Internet & the holiday. You take a hot chick like Munn & a hot dog on a string and the rest is history.

Salute your country today & don’t forget Olivia’s weiner attack. Freedom isn’t free. Honor those who’ve fought for this great country. Proud to be an American.

It’s crazy that this video is up to 18,000,000 all-time views. One of the best pieces of pop art history ever pumped out by G4. That channel even exist these days?

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