Bryce Harper & His Clown Bro T-Shirt Get Shaving Cream Pied On MLB Network [VIDEO]

Bryce Harper debuted his new Under Armour “Don’t Be A Clown Bro” shirt during a MLB Network post-game interview this afternoon, but that wasn’t the real highlight. The original Nats bro, Jayson Werth, interrupted the interview with a shaving cream pie to Harper’s face. Yes, Bro Harper got clowned by Bro Werth and Internet bros totally lost it. Who’s rushing out to get one of these shirts? 

In case you care, the Nats beat the Giants, 9-4, with Harper going 2-for-4. Washington now has a 4 game lead on the Mets and the best record in the N.L. As we all know from previous 21st century bro teams (Boston & Philly) once bros get rolling it’s dangerous.

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