C’mon, Bro: Cubs Kid’s First Draft Beer Ends In Horrible Party Foul [VIDEO]


Do you remember your first beer with dad? Couple sips out of a Bud Light bottle? Coors in your baby bottle? Today we check in with Cubs Kid. Let’s call him ‘Hunter’ – just because. Little guy, sporting that Cubs hat, is already getting life started with one strike against him. His parents follow up that disaster by uploading this draft beer video.

Of course you know how this ends. Party foul!

Posted: July 2, 2012

Premise of Video: Dad says this is his son’s first beer. Look, call us old fashioned but that’s not how we want to remember our son enjoying his first overpriced draft. Ruining his onesie? Not cool in the day care community.

Climax of Video: It’s a six second video. You figure it out.

Conclusion: 18 years from now he’ll be studying finance at the University of Wisconsin and drinking with illegitimate children of Patrick Kane. Oh, the stories these bros will share. Epic.

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