Bigger D-Bag: Tebow Tebowing In UGA Uniform Or Dude Tebowing At South Pole? [MOMENT OF TEBOW]


Tebow fanboys are up in arms. Yesterday, EA Sports posted a commercial for their upcoming release NCAA Football ’13 showing Tebow in a whole new light. That’s right, the ad portrays Tebow as a member of the Georgia Bulldogs. Obviously it’s a marketing ploy, and a good one at that. Can’t wait to hear all the Gator and Tebow lovers bitch and moan about this for the next month.

Helluva troll by the EA folks. Doing it up right by pissing off the Gators rival.

These two Georgia bros look like they are locking the door for an entirely different reason. YouTube commenter ALABAMF used this video as an opportunity to rip Auburn:

Put Tebow on Auburn and unlock the “You Don’t Even Want To Know How Much We Had To Pay For Him!” Achievement. 70G, though.

In another Moment of Tebow, @NyHcWrEn tweeted quite the photo of himself Tebowing in a very desolate location:

That’s right. This badass Tebowed at the South Pole…and in a t-shirt nonetheless! He reported the temperature to be a crisp -40. Gotta love the Tebow fanboys, gotta love em. BC actually gives this Tebow-er props, which is the first time a non-stripper has received the honor.

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