Who Is The Biggest Sports Media A-Hole Of 2012?


What did ESPN do when the network noticed its blowhard daytime show First Take was experiencing a ratings slide? The brass went out and hired a new heel (Stephen A. Smith) to debate Skip Bayless. What did CBS do to fire up viewers (who can actually get CBS Sports Network)? They hired Jim Rome. If you haven’t noticed, blowhards on TV sell advertising.

Just to make this fair to all a-holes, we’ve opened up this contest to a variety of a-holes. Radio a-holes. TV a-holes. ESPN a-holes. College football a-holes.

Skip Bayless has an “I Hate Skip Bayless” Facebook fan club. So does Jim Rome. Same with Colin Cowherd.

Which blowhard is on top of his game in 2012? You guys decide a winner.

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