Scumbag Pittsburgh Fans Boo Tim McGraw For Holding Up Father’s Phillies’ Jersey During Show At Heinz Field

And we have a new war between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia thanks to Tim McGraw’s show at Heinz Field on Saturday. What happens when a fan hands Tim a Phillies jersey in honor of his father, Tug? Pittsburgh fans lose their s**t. Does it matter that the Pirates have sucked for 20 years? Nope.

Tim was booed during a song that is a tribute to his father.

According to CBS-Pittsburgh:

It’s rare to see a Philly jersey in Heinz Field, let alone a baseball jersey in this house that football built, but during “Live Like You Were Dying” a fan in the pit handed Tim a Phillies Jersey with his dad’s number 45. Tim looked touched by the gesture and signed the blue & burgundy Tug McGraw jersey before leaving the stage.

Of course you know that Tug lost his battle with cancer in 2003.

Uh, the locals weren’t impressed with the touching moment – in Pittsburgh.

Were you at the Pittsburgh show and have a full report on the crowd’s reaction? Have a photo of McGraw waving the jersey?

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