Roger Clemens Wore These Sweet Camo Cargo Shorts This Weekend [PHOTOS]

Roger Clemens turns 50 on August 4. Mid-life crisis time! So there was the Rocket this weekend, at Rice University, coaching some summer baseball in the coolest pair of camo cargo shorts you’ll ever see on a guy who just beat the U.S. government in a perjury trial. Details on Clemens coaching gig are slim. That’s not why we’re here.

The story has to be the camo shorts. And, do we detect new frosted tips?

‏@KashArmstrong reported in on Saturday morning:

Roger Clemens is the coach on the other team!!!!!!! Wtf?!?!?!?!

How does Roger throw an opponent off its game? Camo cargo shorts. As you can see, above, players lose focus when Rocket is walking around talking to Toby Keith while his players take BP in the cage.

Of course Roger’s team won, according to @JHartgroves.

First loss of my coaching career came this weekend, don’t feel to bad b/c Roger Clemens was the coach #legen

Not sure what the rule is on camo cargo shorts for 50-year-old men. Below the knee or above? Black socks or white?