Dolphins Cheerleaders Shake It At London, England Grocery Store To Promote NFL [PHOTOS]


Were you in a London Tesco grocery store (think Wal-Mart) this weekend and still can’t figure out why Miami Dolphins cheerleaders were shaking it near the checkout lines? Imagine you just want to stop to get a six pack and there are multiple tanned, long-legged, American women with breasts from God dancing in your local grocery store. It really happened on Saturday for some British lads.

The girls were at Tesco to promote a a contest where lucky UK natives will win a trip to the United States for an NFL game in either Miami or San Francisco. It’s unclear how San Francisco was one of the options for people who already live in miserable weather. Maybe throw in Arizona to make this choice interesting.

Anyway, the girls seemed to be enjoying their trip to the grocery stores, mingling with the locals and learning about the English culture.

Candi, who has been a cheerleader for the team for three years, said: “The trip to the UK has been amazing. It’s just so different to the US.

“I love the architecture here and there so much history. I’ll definitely be coming back, there’s so much more to see of England.”

Seriously, her name is Candi – with an ‘i.’

Anyway, the girls were planning to finish off the trip with a traditional fish & chips dinner where we can only assume there would be mass confusion over the waitress charging for french fries the girls didn’t order.

[Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders – Facebook]

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