Better Ceremonial First Pitch: 100-Year-Old Blind Woman Vs. John Wall! [VIDEO]


Laila ‘Tommie’ Wereley celebrated her 100th birthday last week with a simple request for her milestone. She wanted to throw out a first pitch at a baseball game. Simple enough. It wasn’t like she was asking for strippers and a wild kegger. Just wanted to throw a pitch. See, she’s a HUGE baseball fan. The catch to this first pitch – and what makes it ‘viral’ – is that Tommie is legally blind.

From what we can tell, ABC’s Good Morning America hasn’t featured Tommie, yet. Figure this video gets onto Deadspin, a GMA producer watches, producer sends Josh Elliott the video and ‘Tommie’ makes Play of the day. Should happen by Friday. Maybe Wednesday for July 4th if we hurry.

Posted: July 1, 2012

Premise of Video: Only objection we have here is that Tommie wasn’t allowed to throw two pitches. Wheel her up on the mound and let her unleash that rocket. Then, if the first pitch is horrible, bring her closer to the plate. Of course the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in-game promo crew went with the latter. Still, you try being blind and sitting in a wheelchair and throwing a one-bounce strike to the catcher. Not easy.


Conclusion: Could someone please figure out a way to get Tommie and John Wall on the same field? One toss-off before Tommie can’t show off the gun anymore. Let’s make this happen.

[Appleton woman to throw out first pitch on 100th birthday]

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