Philadelphia Police Hunting For Fake Beard Phillies Fan After Bank Heist [Cuff ‘Em]

A reader once complained to us that we did way too many Baseball Cap Bank Robber Cuff ‘Em stories and this guy couldn’t understand why BC cared about some guy robbing a bank in a baseball hat. Today is the payoff. Today we sit back in our chair and exhale because this right here is why we get up in the morning. Humanity. To find a guy who accented his giant fake beard with a Phillies cap.

Hands down the best Baseball Cap Robber costume we’ve ever seen in like three years of doing this series.

According to CBS-Philadelphia:

The robbery happened at about 12:30 p.m. Thursday at the Wells Fargo Bank branch located on South 3rd Street in South Philadelphia.

Investigators say the suspect approached a teller and pointed a handgun at the employee and demanded money.

After obtaining an undisclosed amount of cash, the suspect ran out of the bank.

The suspect is described as a bi-racial male, mid to late 30-years-of-age, with a light complexion and heavy build. He was wearing a full beard and wig disguise.

Do you know Fake Beard Phillies Robber? Scared to turn in your buddy but could use the reward money for a summer vacation? We’ll turn in his ass. Let’s split the money. No questions asked.