Hope Solo’s Big Week: Fitness Magazine Cover Girl & Nearly Goes To Jail!

What does Fitness Magazine do to get our attention just before the Olympics? Oh, they go and put flawless looking Hope Solo on the cover. Doesn’t look like she’s changed a bit since becoming the go-to chick for American soccer dork fanboys. In other Solo news, she had the cops called on her this week. On a Monday morning. Way early in the morning.

Any American athlete chick who is hot & nearly goes to jail over this instantly climbs a notch on our ranking system. 

Judging by her Twitter, the majority of Solo’s time has been dedicated to promotional work and training for the Olympics. Understandable, but we weren’t satisfied. We kept looking and found that gem of a tweet. This past Monday, Hope tweeted at 4:00 a.m. that she almost went to jail! Granted that is probably a gross exaggeration, still good to see Hope partying till the wee hours of the morning at her new crib.

We want to see more of this…no more lame tweets promoting skin care or Title IX. At least hook us up with a twitpic or two from your wild pickleball extravaganza.

*Don’t know what pickleball is? Here’s a primer.


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