Married Women Want To Cheat On Spouse With Tim Tebow [MOMENT OF TEBOW]

We’ve known for a long time just how desirable Tim Tebow is for women, but a recent poll from reveals even more. The poll, taken by 13,500 chicks, asks which professional athlete they would first choose to cheat on their spouse. Taking the cake was David Beckham, but coming in second place was none other than Timmy.
Beckham stole the show, taking in 43% of the votes. We’re not surprised that Tebow was behind him, but what was impressive was that he beat out Tom Brady, Derek Jeter and other perennial lady killers.

The NY Post published results for some other prominent athletes:

  • David Beckham- 43.1%
  • Tim Tebow- 19.6%
  • Tom Brady- 17.9%
  • Derek Jeter- 16.5%
  • Alex Rodriguez- 13.2%
  • Eli Manning- 8.5%
  • Mark Sanchez- 8.1%
  • Tiger Woods- 6.1%
  • Kris Humphries- 3.3%

Surprise selection on this list has to be Tiger Woods. Amazing that over 6% of women would still bang him after all the shit he’s gone though. Respect ladies, respect.

Of course WorldNetDaily was good for an uber-religious comment on this story. Nothing Tebow does can avoid comments from the crazy religious pundits.

Did we miss any other Moments of Tebow? Did you see Tebow at the grocery? Ever see Tebow getting gas? Ever see Tebow actually driving a car/SUV?