Tyler Zeller’s Girlfriend Is Huge Mystery Of 2012 Draft [PHOTOS]

It’s the biggest mystery of the 2012 NBA Draft: Who is Tyler Zeller’s girlfriend? We’ve scoured Google, Twitter, MySpace, etc. and can’t come up with a name. In 2012, how is that even possible? Shouldn’t this concern the Cleveland Cavaliers (his new team) that Zeller is so secretive that he doesn’t even reveal his girlfriend until the Draft?

Zeller told Sports Illustrated this week:

SI.com: You were probably prepared for teams to dive into your background, right? To hear about how they had called your high school coach’s cousin about you?

Zeller: Yeah. Some of it is they try to get to know you as a person, and I just try to be myself. Some things they have to check, like if you’ve ever been arrested. And I have nothing to hide. But with one team, we were out at a meeting, and one of their guys just said, “Hey, how’s your girlfriend?” And thought, “Umm … I never told you I had a girlfriend.” I was like, “Oh, damn.”

One of you has a name to drop on us. Facebook photos too much to ask tonight?

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*We’re adding a shot of Zeller’s mom because some of you freaks enjoy those screencaps.


Zeller, as spotted in March at a grocery store, with a woman. Not sure if that’s the unidentified girlfriend at the draft. We’re getting closer.

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