Athletes Breaking Down Obamacare: Terrelle Pryor Vs. Spencer Hawes

Maybe you heard the big news from the Supreme Court about Obamacare. Of course we’re not here to get into the new health care law that was ruled constitutional (yes, there was the tax language; blah, blah, blah) by the court. It’s much more fun when athletes try to show off their political science skills on Twitter. Today’s combatants are: Raiders 3rd string QB Terrelle Pryor vs. 76ers 7-footer Spencer Hawes.


As you can see, Pryor went with the simple, yet effective, congratulatory tweet to Obama. It shows his liberal bias, yet doesn’t delve deep into the health care law. Seems like the smart move since Pryor isn’t exactly known for his scholarly achievements.

Then we have Hawes, who is well known on the conservative anger circuit, spent one year at the University of Washington. This guy is proud of his red roots, going back to his high school days when he drove around King County (Washington) with a “God Bless George Bush” bumper sticker. 

The deciding vote on today’s health care decision came from John Roberts, a Bush Supreme Court appointee.

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