Scott Zolak Outs Clay Buchholz For Hitting Foxwoods Party After Hospital Visit

The big news today in Boston? Clay Buchholz went to a party at Foxwoods last night after being recently released  from Mass. General where he was battling esophagitis. What’s the big issue? Buchholz is on the 15-day DL and the Sox are in Seattle. Boston media is obviously having a slow week because this is dominating sports talk & is now leaking over into the newspapers.

So who ratted him out? Scott friggin’ Zola, a guy who used to be a Patriots backup QB and now works on the sports talk radio circuit.

Look, unless Buchholz was getting couch dances from Foxwoods chicks, this is a non-story. A guy has to get out of the house and a pool party doesn’t mean anything.

So the guy got out of the hospital and went 90 miles south. Big friggin’ deal.

Buchholz told media that the three-day hospital stay wasn’t that big of a deal.

“They were trying to downplay it, but when you’re lying in an ICU, where I’m from, it usually means that stuff’s not going really well. Once I got out of there, the doctors were pretty up-front about it, saying it wasn’t really life-threatening at this point. They just had me in there to make sure that I wasn’t really losing any more blood.”

Wasn’t losing any more blood? Wait, what?

Hell yes I’d head straight to a pool party. YOLO.

[Pool party for Clay Buchholz]