27 Best Photos From WWE Divas Summertime Beach Battle Royal

Yep, Monday Night Raw has been getting painfully bad over the past few months. The Divas have been boring lately, but they spiced things up on Raw this week with the Summertime Beach Battle Royal. Ten divas entered the ring & we thought it was about to be the best TV moment of the week. But Vickie Guerrero rolled out and entered herself in the match. Boner killer. JUMP!

Thankfully no wardrobe malfunction ensued for Vickie. Hell, who are we kidding, a Vickie wardrobe malfunction would’ve been amazing.

Some of the hottest talent the WWE has to offer was in the match, including BC favorite A.J. She has been the center of attention for several weeks now, maintaining a strange love triangle between her, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Hell, she’s even dabbled with Kane lately. The girls got a little crazy in her and we like it. Check out photo and video highlights from this epic match-up below.