#TeamBJNBA Announces Heat Championship BJ Date & Details!


The wait is over gentlemen. We have finally received some details on Sarah Jay and Angelina Castro‘s Miami Heat championship BJ bonanza. Although the exact whereabouts are still TBD, we have a date – August 2. We do know it is going to be somewhere in Miami, so if you have any desire to experience all that Sarah and Angelina’s mouths have to offer, start finalizing up your travel plans. Twitter is abuzz and their followers are going to show up (by the thousands!?). Will you be there?

You know the story by now. With the Heat’s victory in the NBA Finals, these two train wrecks guaranteed BJs for any and all of their followers. Supposedly there will be some sort of BJ world record set during the August 2 oral-fest.

The lovely ladies of #TeamBJNBA laid out 15 strict rules to anyone participating. We have our favorites highlighted below, head over to teambjnba.com for the full list.

  1. If any member of the Heat or the coaching staff shows up, they are next in line (as long as they are followers!)
  2. You CAN wear a mask to cover your face to collect your BJ but ONLY if your identity is confirmed beforehand.
  3. A registered MALE nurse will be on the premises to inspect for hygene.

Yes, they did misspell hygiene in that last rule. Did you expect anything less from these two?

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