San Franciso Cops Dressing Up As Dodgers Fans During Giants Series [Cuff ‘Em]


The Giants & Dodgers wrap up a 3-game series at Pac Bell today at 3:45 EST and it’ll also mark the end of the San Francisco police department’s undercover program – until the next series. Cops have been dressing up as Dodgers fans, just waiting for morons to attack them for wearing Dodgers gear. Sounds like enticement to us. S.F. cops say that’s not the case at all. 


Undercover officers are donning gear from the hated Dodgers during the current three-game series in an effort to enforce civility and prevent episodes like the one last year at Dodger Stadium in which Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten until he was comatose.

“I didnt know if I could get San Francisco police officers to wear Dodger blue, but these courageous officers volunteered,” Suhr said. “There will be many more than three out there, so to all the Giants fans, have a great time, be the class fans that you are, treat our rivals right, and let’s just send the Dodgers’ fans home nothing but disappointed.”

Be the class fans that you are? Maybe you forgot what happened at the A’s game over the weekend when Giants fans stadium stomped an A’s fan. This crime fighting method will eventually end up in all ballparks and will cut into our YouTube fight viewing habits. Sucks, bad.

Meanwhile, a Dodgers fan seemed to have fallen off a pier after Monday’s game. He’s presumed dead.

Yet another bad week for the Dodgers-Giants series. Cops save fans from getting punched but a guy falls off a pier. You win some, you lose some.

[S.F. Examiner]

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