How A Puck Bunny Had Sex With Multiple NHL Draft Picks & Is Proud Of It!


You want to know who the most dangerous puck slut in hockey is? Her name is Taylor Marie Milligan and she goes by @Princesss_Sass. She caused serious commotion in Canada last night when she released a direct message exchange with the Maple Leafs player Joffrey Lupul who seemed to be wanting some naked photos. But this isn’t why we’re posting about Taylor. It’s the sex she says happened at the NHL Draft with teen draft picks.

Ms. Puck Bunny gave our friends at Crossing Broad a detailed account of alleged sex with at least six draft picks and the text exchanges that led to the sexual encounters. It’s really one of those great moments in Internet history where a puck slut allows you inside her world.

Trust us, go read the full report from Crossing Broad and tell us it’s not the best shit you’ve read on the Internet this week. You’ll be lying.

And Ms. Sass is not running from her exploits. She says on Twitter that there will be radio interviews and it seems all questions are fair game.

For example, questions about Lupul’s nudie hunting:

@TPBadam i tweeted him a few times saying if he followed or RT’ed me, i’d send him nudes. and he followed back. that’s all.

You’ve been warned, NHL. Ms. Sass is the most dangerous piece of ass you’ll ever let into your world. Proceed with caution.

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