Hooters Has Allegedly Banned Bikini Car Washes, Says Missouri Photographer

Tragic news to report this week for those of you who’ve been following BC through the years. We’ve learned that the infamous Missouri Hooters Bikini Team has been folded by the new corporate Hooters ownership. Our Flickr photographer friend, Lone Photowolf, who is considered a Hooters car wash legend, says that corporate has decided to change the Hooters culture.

Wait, what the f**k did he just say?

That’s right, Hooters has made a ruling on bikini car washes.

Sorry guys but I was informed today that last week’s was the last car wash at the Hoot. Corporate wants to go with a more restaurant feel. That and they haven’t been bringing in enough business. :(

And there you have it, the end of an era just like that. Ironically, just this week a story on “Breastaraunts” by the Associated Press is all the rage.

Hooters is featured prominently and not for how great the company is doing in the segment. The company was recently sold to private investors who want to reinvent the Hooters brand.

As part of the effort to improve its image, Henninger says Hooters is looking to showcase the life stories of its servers, many of whom are studying to go on to professional careers.“The public can be misinformed about what we do,” says Henninger, who was hired this year. “They jump to their own conclusions.”

Wait, can’t we learn the life stories of these chicks as they’re washing our cars? That seems to be the perfect scenario to talk life while they’re dropping suds on the sedan. And, do guys really care about the life stories of a Hooters waitress? Are these bozos trying to sabotage the brand?

Sure, makeover a few restaurants with a modern feel and new TVs. And we’re all for banning those stupid granny panties the waitresses wear. Banning bikini car washes has to be the dumbest business decision in the history of Breastaraunts.

We’re begging the new Hooters ownership group to contact us over changes that need to be made. Look us up, boys. Don’t waste time paying consultants that are totally worthless. Let’s get drunk and talk business.