Australian Swimmer Stephanie Rice Bikini Photo Causes Men To Lose Their Minds

A few days ago, Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice shocked the internet world with her Twitpic of her rocking a revealing bathing suit. Honestly, we aren’t really sure why this was such a big deal. It’s not like she was doing her best T.O. impersonation, it was just a single photo in a bathing suit. People, including men, were up in arms and upset that Rice would do such a thing. How dare a swimmer with an incredible body post a photo of her in a swimsuit? The backlash makes no sense, right? Right.

Rice posted the photo to her Twitter on June 23, thanking her friend Ellie Gonsalves for the bathing suit. Yes, the suit shows some skin, but it’s 2012. If you think this photo is wrong/offensive, you have bigger problems at hand. Maybe in 1965 this would be considered controversial, but today? Come on.

The story goes deeper. Rice’s friend, Ellie Gonsalves responded to the Twitpic with a racy self-shot of her own. I must say, Rice’s picture is solid, but Gonsalves easily takes the cake. Check out her picture below.

The more twitpics between Stephanie Rice and Ellie Gonsalves the better. With no Shawn Johnson or Allison Stokke competing, BC just might be pulling for Australia throughout the Olympics.

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