19 P*ssed Off Tweets For Mike DiMuro’s Ridiculous Dewayne Wise Catch Call


Umpire Mike DiMuro has to be the biggest waste of MLB umpire flesh, right? By now you know what happened in last night’s Yankees-Indians game. Yankees outfielder Dewayne Wise goes into the left field stands to catch a foul ball & clearly doesn’t make the catch.  Replay shows a fan in the vicinity bend over, pick up the ball and hold it up over his head. Does DiMuro ask Wise to show the ball? Nope. Of course Twitter erupted. JUMP!

Cleveland fans instantly thought a conspiracy was at play. Really? A Yankees/Indians game in June is conspiracy material? There were others who thought Wise and the Yankees were cheating. What do you expect Wise to do, talk the ump out of the call he had already made? No chance. Hell no, the guy shouldn’t admit he didn’t catch the ball. It’s DiMuro’s problem.

Anyway, Twitter dorks went crazy. This is what gets people excited on a Tuesday night in late June – some jerkoff umpire.

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