Yes, Greg Oden Is Taking An Economics Summer Class At Ohio State


Looks like Greg Oden is putting his new found free time to good use! Multiple reports are surfacing that Oden has returned to his alma mater, Ohio State, and enrolled in some economics/math classes. The guy who has only played in 82 games throughout his career is putting two and two together and realizing that this basketball thing might not work out too well for him in the long term. More and more Photos and tweets are starting to show up confirming this former #1 pick is back to school.

Twitter user @JoshDemasFosho posted this photo a few days ago, showing Oden in an economics class. Does he look like he is paying attention, taking meticulous notes and really focusing on the lesson? No. Looks like the dude is straight up passed out! Respect for going back to class homie, but try to look more attentive for the professor.

We also have confirmation (and a Greg Oden autograph!) from Twitter user @LeannHarrigan. She posted a pic of her class roster with, yep you guessed it, Greg Oden signed up. Check out some more tweets from other OSU students who have spotted the big fella wandering around campus.

Have you seen Oden in Columbus? Do you have a class with him? Let us know!

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