The Kate Upton Wet T-Shirt Video


It’s finally here. The Kate Upton getting out of a pool while wearing a wet t-shirt video has dropped and it’s as astounding as you’d imagine. We know many of you are at work and the I.T. team is completely dickish over bandwidth usage. For that reason, there are a couple screen caps here to get you through the day. For those of you who are looking to get fired, hit play and remember what 20-years-old and the SI Swimsuit Issue cover model looks like in 2012. 

And if you’re married, tell your wife that she MUST get one of these shirts ASAP and it should be soaked at least 12 hours each Saturday while she’s gardening.

Look, she’s going to complain at first, but then she’ll realize that if it’s good enough for Kate Upton it should be good enough for her.

Wet t-shirts are the clothing of choice in 2012.
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