Beautiful Sideline Reporter Sara Carbonero Nearly Killed By Soccer Ball [VIDEO]


This video of Sara Carbonero nearly being killed by a soccer ball is just now making its way across the pond but should raise some eyebrows from the sideline reporter community. Imagine Aaron Rodgers throwing a laser at Pam Oliver’s badonk. Imagine Josh Hamilton throwing gas from center at Ken Rosenthal. That’s what we’re talking about here from the foot of Marvin Martin.

How dare this scum pull such a move at the Euro Cup.

Posted: June 26, 2012

Premise of Video: Already covered that for you. Read above. Not sure who this Sara Carbonero chick is? This should help you.

Climax of Video: Near death.

Conclusion: You’re damn right this would cause mass hysteria in the U.S. where we obviously put a higher value on our sideline reporters and would never let an athlete get away with such antics.

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