Steve Nash Talks About His Old Frosted Tips At Samsung Galaxy Event [INTERVIEW]


Last week the fine folks at Samsung invited us to one of their NYC soirees for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It just happened that in attendance were Steve Nash, Walt Frazier, Bill Walton, Kevin Love and Steph Curry. Of course the name that stuck out to us was Nash because we’ve been jonesing to interview this guy about his days with the frosted tips and if he had better hair than Dirk Nowitzki. Oh, we also asked Clyde Frazier about his suits.

Of course Team BC took advantage of the Samsung phone to order free drinks at the party. If these PR bros want to keep inviting us to these parties and make it so easy to drink we’ll never stop showing up.

Anyway, Nash’s tips.

Steve Nash

Busted Coverage: First off, congratulations on being named GM of the Canadian national team. What sort of things do you have planned for the team?

Steve Nash: Well, obviously big picture is to make the National team more successful. To take it down one level, I think we need to raise some money, which we’ve begun to, because we’re not well funded in Canada in athletics. To just improve the process, the programs, the resources and just to put in the time and energy needed for the kids. We have a lot of talented young players right now and I want to give them all a chance to be NBA players and go to the Olympics for their country.

BC: You have a real good young player coming out of St. Bonaventure Univ. this year, Andrew Nicholson. How do you feel about him?

SN: He’s a terrific player, I really like his game. If I were a GM, I would look really hard at him, even in the low-teens, he’s that good. It’s exciting for us, he’s a terrific person as well. There’s a bunch of young talent coming up, we could have a bunch of NBA players in the next four or five years.

BC: You spend a lot of time here in New York. Do you still play in any of the local parks during the off-season?

SN: Yeah, I play on two teams. I live in New York during the summers, I play in a league over at the Pier 40 and an Italian team too.

BC: You are heading into free agency this summer, and you’ve probably heard the question a million times, but do you have any plans?

SN: Right now I’m open, so it will all probably start to shake down within the next 2-3 weeks here. I’m totally open to see what happens, and anything is possible.

BC: What is your favorite team to play on the road, or a favorite city to visit?

SN: I have always loved playing in The Garden, New York is always fun. I love going to Toronto, that’s where I’m originally from. There’s a lot of places, cities that only have one team, like San Antonio or Utah, are great too. For different reasons, different places, but I think The Garden is definitely number one.

BC: Last question for you. This picture surfaced in the office recently…Who had better frosted tips back in the day, you or Dirk?

SN: Mine are sensational. I mean, I like Dirk’s bowl-cut, but mine actually weren’t frosted tips. It was a full platinum job grown out and I just hadn’t had it re-done in forever. It was a really lazy attempt to keep my hair-style going. I’ll take the cake for the better hair, but we have to give Dirk respect for the bowl cut and the hoop earring. If he was smiling you could even see the buck-teeth he had back then.

Walt “Clyde” Frazier

Busted Coverage: How great has it been for you calling Knicks games? You really seem to love it.

Clyde: Can’t believe it’s been twenty-something years now…time flies. I knew from the first time I did a game, that man, I liked this. (Mike) Breen and I had a chemistry from day one, because we both started on the radio.

BC: Did you ever have any thoughts on getting into coaching?

Clyde: No, I serendipitously got into broadcasting. In 1987 when I was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, I was doing a series of interviews and somebody from the Knicks approached me to perhaps start doing some radio or TV. Coaching was never really something I thought about.

BC: What is your favorite moment from your broadcasting career so far? With this current Knick team?

Clyde: Just doing the Bulls-Knicks series, man. It was so invigorating. Breen and I couldn’t believe our luck, we were actually getting paid to sit and watch those games. With the current team, I guess the Linsanity. It’s pretty much been a landmark for what they’ve done bringing in Amare, Melo and then Linsanity. However, the future is doubtful at this point, with no cap money and questions on who they can re-sign.

BC: How do you feel about Coach Woodson? Do you like the direction he has the team going in?

Clyde: Yeah, I like the defensive emphasis and the way he handled the players, holding them accountable, and I thought it was a good re-signing. The running and gunning (under D’Antoni’s coaching) is okay, but once you get in the playoffs it can be negated.

BC: Last question. Favorite suit or outfit that you own?

Clyde: Favorite suit of mine? Well, I guess like everybody else says, is the cow. Everybody likes the cow. That was the one I was most reluctant to wear because I thought it was too extravagant. When I first wore it, I just wore the jacket without the pants. Then everybody liked the jacket, so I eventually put the pants on for the full suit about 3-4 months later. The leopard suit wasn’t as provocative. That and the tiger are more subtle, but that cow comes at you.

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