Olympian Dan O’Brien Falls Off Chair While Chatting With Michelle Beadle [VIDEO]


Bigger oddity here: Michelle Beadle wearing the NBC logo coat or 1996 Olympic legend Dan O’Brien on television? Has to be Beadle, right? She’s back on TV and doing her thing at the Olympic trials in Eugene. O’Brien was just supposed to be hanging out. Instead, today, he was falling off his director’s chair. Relax, Dan was not hurt in this crash.

As for Beadle’s first assignments at NBC – Friday was her first day – she’ll be completing her Olympic Trials coverage tonight on the NBC Sports Network.

Beadle will be a reporter and contribute features on coverage that will include NBC’s on-air Olympic track and field crew: Tom Hammond, Ato Boldon, Craig Masback, Dwight Stones, Lewis Johnson and ex-British runner Tim Hutchings, who is a newcomer to NBC’s Olympic coverage.

Of course O’Brien falling off his chair is a perfect way to get the Beadle era started. Buzz-worthy. It’ll go viral. NBC logos everywhere. Someone will seed it on Leno.

ESPN getting beaten at its own game.

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