Hottest Lottery WAGs Of The 2012 NBA Draft

In case you didn’t hear, the 2012 NBA Draft is Thursday at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Basketball fans are excited for a new, young crop of talent to enter the league, but BC could theoretically care less about a bunch of one-and-dones from Kentucky. You’re telling us that twig Anthony Davis will be able to bang with Dwight Howard? Wait, he’s going to play shutdown defense on Kobe? Wait, he’s going to bring a title to New Orleans in like five years? Shall we keep going?

Instead of dorking out on John Calipari’s meal tickets, we’re excited for a beautiful new crop of WAGs entering the limelight. Is this a great year for NBA WAGs hitting the financial motherlode? Not at all.

Is there a star in this WAG group? Not at all. Elle Bielfeldt, girlfriend of Meyers Leonard headlines by default. Is she cute? Sure, but will she cause mass hysteria Thursday night? Not happening. Oh, and did we mention her Facebook & Twitter accounts are on lockdown? So lame.

[NBA Mock Draft – DraftExpress]

Elle Bielfeldt

  • Girlfriend of Meyers Leonard, Center, University of Illinois
  • University of Illinois, Class of 2014

Kytra Hunter

  • Girlfriend of Bradley Beal, Guard, University of Florida
  • University of Florida, Class of 2015

Best of the Rest

  • Brittany Hotard, girlfriend of Austin Rivers
  • Trisha Nesbitt, ex-girlfriend of Harrison Barnes

Travis Wood Had A Small Logo Malfunction Last Night At Wrigley [Morning Twitpic]
Travis Wood Had A Small Logo Malfunction Last Night At Wrigley [Morning Twitpic]
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