7 Mind-Boggling Derek Jeter Trophy WAG Throwbacks [63 Photos]

Derek Jeter turns 38 today and should be commended by all those athletes out there who have multiple divorces and children with multiple women. Jetes never fell for the bait. The guy never succummed to the altar and that means he can live a great life dating whomever he wants and throwback chicks when they get too needy. Of course you guys thought he’d marry Minka Kelly. Nope, threw her right back to her B-list life. Don’t feel bad for Minka, she joined a long list of throwbacks. JUMP!

The BC office results are finally in and this is our 7 Hottest Jeter Trophy WAG Throwbacks list.


Kinda surprised Minka Kelly snuck into the third spot ahead of such hotness as Minnillo and Biel. As for #7, Uchitel makes the list because of her history and rack. However, she’s also the grandmother of the group, now a whopping 36-years-old.

The List:

#1. Adriana Lima

#2. Jessica Alba

#3. Minka Kelly

#4. Vanessa Minnillo

#5. Jessica Biel

#6. Jordana Brewster

#7. Rachel Uchitel

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