INTERLEAGUE, B*TCHES! A’s Fan Gets Stadium Stomped After Pouring Beer On Giants Chick [VIDEO]


Dodgers fans are the worst. No, no, Phillies fans are the worst. No, drunk Tigers fans are horrible. Can we all not agree that San Francisco Giants fans are scumbags, too. Watch how they treated A’s fan yesterday at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum after he allegedly poured a beer on a Giants chicks. Of course she probably deserved it.

What is this 5-on-1? Bitch move, Giants fans.

Posted: June 24, 2012

Premise of Video: According to the vlogger: A’s fan touches/pours beer on female Giants fan, male Giants fans in her group walk him outside and talk, fighting quickly breaks out.

Climax of Video: :25 mark when the chubby chick is trying to hold back a boozed up goon from continuing the brawl.

Conclusion: Oakland won, 4-2, and it only took the fuzz 30-seconds to make it to the scene. Yes, one cop. That’s the best the A’s staff can do? One cop for the upper deck where these crazy bastards hang out and get a tan? Gotta do better, A’s.

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