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BC Favorite Allison Stokke Struggles With Pole At Olympic Trials

Big news from yesterday’s U.S. Track & Field pole vaulting trials? Allison Stokke failed to make the London Olympics because she couldn’t clear the starting height.  Of course it’s devastating news to the Internet which had interest in pole vaulting over the last five years thanks to Stokke’s seemingly perfectly tanned legs and the pageviews those legs generated.

Anyway, Stokke can pretty much go back to a life of obscurity now that her pole vaulting career is over.

The prelims were scheduled for Friday but weather didn’t cooperate. Every athlete then advanced to the “finals” on Sunday where Stokke ran into trouble. According to

Former Cal pole vaulter Allison Stokke was unable to clear the starting height of 13′-11 1/4″.

Oh well, we always have pictures of Stokke to to get us past her absence from London.

U.S. Pole Vault Trials Results:

  1. Jenn Suhr: 15’1″
  2. Becky Holliday: 14’11”
  3. Lacy Janson: 14’9″

View the full track and field trials schedule here.

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