58 Greatest Football Tailgating Vehicles Of All Time [Photos]


Been modifying a 1978 RV this summer and want some recognition for working on the ride instead of sitting around and drinking beer?┬áThere are dedicated fans out there figuring out how to incorporate 47″ LCDs, roof beer bongs and Kegerators into the same buses, trucks, RVs and even trash trucks. This is for you, America, and your ingenuity when it comes to constructing a tailgating machine. Without you, we wouldn’t have the VW bug and school bus combo.

Most of the vehicles you see today are just commoners who’ve scraped together the nickles it takes to buy the lumber for a rooftop deck on their bus. However, for those wondering, the most expensive tailgating vehicle known to man is this $250,000 machine.

In no particular order, so don’t start emailing us with your concerns on who is the best.

If you have a tailgating ride that needs added to this list, email us a photo.


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