Guy Hits Wife With Gun In Miami Heat Game 5 Ticket Squabble [Cuff ‘Em]

How crazy did sh*t get for Miami Heat fans as LeBron was about to get his first ring? So crazy that some guy went nuts when his wife accused him of shady business with Game 5 ticket sales. Bradley Wasserman’s wife got all bent out of shape when she thought he was using ticket sales proceeds to go gambling. He took offense and allegedly drilled her in the face with his gun. Oh, & there’s more from Bradley.

According to the Naples News:

Wasserman’s wife told deputies the situation started when her husband bought Miami Heat tickets, promising to take his stepchildren to the NBA Finals, but sold one to a neighbor’s son for $2,500. She said she became upset because she thought he would gamble with the money.

Wasserman got angry over the accusation, grabbed a shotgun and hit his wife in the face with the butt of the gun, according to the arrest report.

Wasserman’s wife told deputies that he threatened to kill her when he advised her daughter to call 911. The wife fled with her youngest daughter. Wasserman’s wife notified deputies that her husband was inside her home with a shotgun, threatening to shoot himself, and that two of her children were locked inside a bathroom. SWAT team and the hostage negotiator were called in.

Guess who didn’t end up going to Game 5? GUESS, DAMMIT!

Yeah, Bradley, because he was sitting in jail.