Stacy Keibler Refutes Pregnancy Rumors In Best Way Possible

Growing up (and still being) a huge wrestling nerd, Stacy Keibler has always had a special place in my heart. It was her walk, her ring entrance, her legs. Everything about this blonde bombshell screams sex appeal. Some rumors began swirling earlier in the week that bummed us out…rumors that Stacy was (gulp) pregnant. BC was unimpressed with the possibility of seeing that body change in any way, but Stacy did her thing to let the world know the truth.

The photo below (via was taken outside one of George Clooney’s homes in Italy and Keibler is sporting what appears to be an early pregnancy belly. It definitely looks pretty suspect, see for yourself:

Clearly it looks like something is brewing, but Stacy hastily responded with her newly created Instagram account. She wanted to show the world that there is no reason whatsoever for any pregnancy rumors. To celebrate George Clooney not knocking up Stacy, we have 36 of her sexiest photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with some great pics of this former WWE Diva.