Old Guy With Beer Belly Steals Show At Corny Miami Heat Breakdance Party [VIDEO]


Heat fans went wild last night! Or did they? This looks like the lamest championship celebration BC has ever seen. Sure, not everyone could fork up the rumored $1000 cover charge to get into the official post-game party, but there has to have been better options than this. It is Miami, there are other bars/clubs than just LIV. The street celebration has to get old after like 15 minutes, especially when all that is going on is Heat chants and break dancing. Enter beer belly guy.

Posted: Early this morning.

Premise of Video: A bunch of Heat fans break dancing around, hooting and hollering over some wacky dance moves.

Climax of Video: Beer belly guy and his sweet dance move at the 1:04 mark. He makes another appearance later in the video so be sure to stick with it through the corny dance moves and cowbells.

Conclusion: Too much break dancing.

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