Looks Like #TeamBJNBA Will Stay True To Their Word, Free BJs For Followers!

The Miami Heat won. LeBron James got his first ring. Blah, blah, blah. What was first on our minds as the final buzzer went off last night was whether or not the ladies of #TeamBJNBA were going to stay true to their word. After a little bit of partying Angelina Castro and Sarah Jay quickly put any worry to rest, letting us know that the BJ train is going to run according to schedule.

Details need to be ironed out, but don’t worry fellas, there will be BJs…lots of BJs. Tweets and twitpics from these two bombshells are below.

As we reported on Wednesday, Castro was already getting prepped for what is sure to be a long few days. Now that it’s official, we can all bask in the glory and witness these broads give out gifts to some of humanities most desperate men. After the game, Castro took to the streets for some last minute celebrations before the real fun begins for her and Sarah.

Castro really seems to be enjoying this new found attention she has been getting, but Sarah Jay really seems to be regretting this. She tweeted her frustrations along with some text messages she was receiving last night from fans eagerly anticipating their BJ. Will they really give out thousands of BJs? Will anybody show up? Would you ever take them up on their offer?

Keep up with BC over the next several days because we won’t leave you in the dark with how #TeamBJNBA performs down the stretch.

@SaraJayXXX | @AngelinaCastroX

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