Here’s LeBron Rapping With LMFAO At Club LIV This Morning [VIDEO]

Let’s be honest here, LeBron James celebrating his first NBA title at Club LIV this morning with LMFAO is about as bad as it gets in the celebration category. There were no Ace of Spades bottles that we know of. No massive speeches from the King. No giant bar bills (more on that later this morning). Just LeBron rapping with the douchiest club group of the 21st century.

Nice shirt. When can we expect the first track from the album to drop?

Posted: Early this morning.

Premise of Video: LeBron and his talents stopped at Club LIV to check out the LMFAO set just for the Heat celebration. Blah, blah, blah.

Climax of Video: His grip on the mic?

Conclusion: No Ace of Spades bottle blasting fireworks? Horrible celebration for the Heat.