Gambling Site Turns BC’s Heat Club LIV $147,000 Bar Tab OVER/Under Tweet Into Live Bet!

Nope, never thought we’d be setting Miami Heat championship bar tab gambling lines, but that’s exactly what happened last night on Twitter. A simple tweet suggesting the Heat would ring up at least a $147,000 bar tab at Club LIV turned into an actual bet thanks to our friends at

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The bet has now been taken down by Sports Interaction for obvious reasons, but there it was for a few hours last night waiting for action.

Our line of $147,000 came from a couple different thought processes. You might remember the Dallas Mavericks ran up the now infamous $110,000 bar tab via a giant bottle of Ace of Spades.  Then you have the Boston Bruins pulling a similar stunt with the Ace of Spades and racking up a $156,000 tab. 

So the Heat would go over both of those numbers because they cliched the title at home, they went straight to LIV, etc.

That’s obviously the OVER play. But the UNDER play rests on the theory that LeBron & D. Wade don’t drink (not like Dirk or hockey players) so there’s no real reason to bust out some crazy Ace of Spades. Hence the $147,000 figure. Seemed like a nice number to rest on. Little did we know that tweet would turn into a story.

Setting a NBA championship prop betting line is one of our prouder moments. reported this morning that early bets were on the OVER. One thing to remember on this line, tax & gratuity was not included in the bet.

Have photographic evidence of the Miami Heat bar tab that we need to see? Send it in and make Sports Interaction pay up.