BC Sits Down With Jose Cuervo Beach Volleyball Star Christal Engle

Fresh off of a cross-country road trip, Christal Engle arrived in Manhattan Thursday afternoon to promote this summers Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series. Jose Cuervo will be taking her and other members of the tour to seven different stops across the country, showcasing all that beach volleyball has to offer. We got a chance to sit down with Christal and talk to her about the sport, Jose Cuervo, partying and more. Read on for the interview and photos of this sexy beach volleyball babe.

Jose Cuervo has been a major sponsor for beach volleyball since 1979 and hasn’t looked back since. They have made it their mission this year to bring beach volleyball back and are doing so with their Pro Beach Volleyball Series. The series is going to bring beach volleyball some much needed attention. It’s being broadcasted nationally on NBC Sports Network and the players are competing for more than $685,000 in prize money.

We spoke with Christal about the Cuervo tour, her thoughts on Olympics, her favorite party spots and women wearing bikinis in the olympics. Read on for the interview.

BC: The first question I want to ask you about is dealing with the upcoming Olympics. There is a new option for players…

Christal Engle:The bikini one?

BC: Yep, that’s the one. I wanted to see how you felt about that, about how athletes will no longer be required to wear bikinis and can now wear other outfits.

CE: You know, I think it’s great. The more participation that we can get from countries that may have religious or political views against bikinis, the better. I definitely think the U.S. and a lot of other countries will continue to wear the bikini. First off, it’s more comfortable for us and secondly it kind of embodies the sport itself. It’s beach volleyball, it’s kind of like a lifestyle, it’s a sexy sport. I hate to default it as that. It’s amazing athletes and incredible athleticism being displayed, but I think at the same time it is part of the sport. Don’t worry, U.S.A. will definitely be wearing bikinis.

BC: If some athletes choose not to wear bikinis, what can we expect to see them wearing?

CE: Probably a tank top and some tights/shorts or something like that.

BC: In regards to you referring to beach volleyball being a sexy sport, why do you feel it hasn’t really taken off with the mainstream media yet?

CE: You know, I really don’t know why! It’s such a fun sport to watch and there are so many talented athletes. The Cuervo tour was huge in the 80’s, I’m not sure why the media popularity has dropped off a bit in recent years.

BC: It’s weird because it seems like everyone goes crazy for it during the Olympics.

CE: It’s always one of the first events to sell out every year at the Olympics! I think people just need to get out and experience it.

BC: Moving on to the Jose Cuervo Series…do you have a favorite destination on this summer’s schedule?

CE: I’m super excited for Chicago. The fans love volleyball in the Midwest and playing right on the lake is great. Chicago in the summer is just a great place to be, I’m really looking forward to playing there.

BC: Do any tour spots stand out in terms of partying? Which city’s nightlife do you enjoy the most?

CE: Fort Lauderdale and Miami are so much fun, but Hermosa Beach is right up there too. There is so much going on right by the beach, always a good time.

BC: Speaking of partying, have you ever had some Jose Cuervo before a match?

CE: Well, not right before a match, but the day before yes. I’m not saying I go out partying the night before a big match, but something like a Cuervo margarita at lunch the day before has definitely happened. However, I always have Cuervo ready for parties and post-match celebrations.

BC: What else does the Jose Cuervo Beach Volleyball Series have to offer fans?

CE: There is so much to offer other than just the volleyball itself. There are great fan areas with tons of activities. You can get custom t-shirts, airbrush tattoos and you can even customize your own Jose Cuervo bottle! On top of that there is a rock climbing wall with a waterfall and also something called “Ride-the-lime”. Instead of riding the bull, you get to ride the lime. It gets pretty crazy.

BC: Anything you want to say to our readers?

CE: Just that everyone should get out and experience the Cuervo volleyball series. It’s a ton of fun and it is free for everyone who comes. Who can say no to awesome volleyball, activities, Jose Cuervo, and a free day at the beach?

Remaining Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series Events


  • Belmar Open: Belmar, N.J.- June 22-24
  • Chicago Open: Chicago, Ill.- July 13-15
  • Hermosa Open: Hermosa Beach, Cal.- July 20-22
  • Milwaukee Shootout: Bradford Beach, Wis.- August 4-5
  • Manhattan Beach Open: Manhattan Beach, Cal.- August 24-26
  • Jose Cuervo National Championships: Huntington Beach, Cal.- September 21-22

Learn more about Jose Cuervo and their Pro Beach Volleyball Series here.