Report: Rick’s NYC Dancers Prefer Yankees Over Mets Because Bombers Are Winners!

Our friends at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City are up to their old ways in the press release game. Barely anyone is paying attention to baseball right now, so what does marketing genius Lonnie Hanover do to spice up the NYC baseball war? His team asked Rick’s dancers whether they are Yankees (41-27; 1st place) lead or Mets (38-32; 2nd place) fans. Are you kidding me? This is pure gold.

Via email:

Rick’s Cabaret New York is well known for its beautiful showgirls, warm hospitality, and celebrity clientele. It’s also the gentlemen’s club of choice for many baseball players.

“We love the baseball guys, especially the Yankees” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Christina. “I’ve met some of the Yankees here at the club, but I can’t tell you who. We protect everyone’s privacy here at Rick’s.”

“I think the Yankees are going to win it all and Derek Jeter is my personal favorite,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Kelsey.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Sydney is also partial to the Yankees. “Robinson Cano is awesome,” she cooed.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Claudia said, “Everybody loves a winner, so yes, most of the girls here are Yankee fans, but I also love the Mets. They’ve got some good players too.”

See, even strippers know what matters in sports besides how much the athlete has in the bank. Championships, boys. Just a hunch, but figure Claudia changes her stage name at some point in the next 24 hours. It’s not that Mets fan should be pissed off by Claudia’s comment. She kinda played the fence, but deep down you know the girls prefer the Yankees because of the World Series revenue that streams in.

It’s a business, guys. These girls, like the Steinbrenners, are business professionals who prefer making money instead of losing it to Bernie Madoff.

No hard feelings.

Heading to NYC on business or for the Yankees in the World Series? Tell Lonnie we sent you and try the shrimp. Hear they’re to die for.

[Rick’s NYC]

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